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About Word Counter

Word Counter is an online tool used for counting words, and characters of given sentences. It is a free online tool that helps you in counting the number of words and characters in any sentence or paragraph.


What is the most accurate word counter?

Our Word and character counter tool is one of the most accurate tools over the internet. You can use this tool absolutely free of cost.


Importance of word counter tool?

A word counter is an important tool to use count words in a sentence or paragraph. Sometimes we have to ensure the total number of words and characters in the written documents or paragraphs. For this manual word count is time consume and accuracy may not possible. So, the word counter tool is could be the easiest way to count words and characters in the documents.


How use the word counter tool?

Easy. Yes, it is easy to use our word counter tool. Just write or copy/paste the text in the above text box then hit the "Count Words" button to get the result.


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