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About Whois Checker

The WhoIs checker can reveal or check who or what entity is the owner of a domain name, including their contact information such as registrant name, phone or mobile number, address, country of the owner. By using this Whois checker tool anyone can easily get information about the domain.


What Is Whois?

The Whois is an Internet record listing that identifies who is the owner of a domain and how to contact the owner. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) organization regulates domain name registration & ownership.


How to Use Whois  Checker Tool?

The Whois checker tool is an important tool for tech people who are involved with domain management especially. You can use our Whois tool easily. To use it, you have to put a domain name in the above text box and hit the "Get WHOIS Data" button to get the result.


Benefits of Whois Checker Tool?

Sometimes technical people want about a specific domain name and who is the owner is of that domain. For that purpose, Whois checker helps a lot.


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