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About URL Rewriting Tool

URL rewriting tool uses a technique to convert a website's dynamic URLs into search engine-friendly URLs. The search engine-friendly URLs generally rank better in search engines and can get more traffic from search engines as it looks friendlier to the online users.


How do you rewrite a URL?

By using our URL rewriting tool you can rewrite your website's dynamic URLs into static URLs which could get more priority in the search engines. To use this service just put your dynamic URL in the above text box and click on "Submit" button. After that, you will get two types of solutions and you have to use one of them in your htaccess file for a user-friendly URL.


Why do we get URL rewriting?

URL rewriting makes the dynamic URLs more friendly and looks clean which users can remember easily. This type of URLs is search engine friendly too. That is why dynamic URLs rewriting are important.


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