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About URL Encoder / Decoder

An URL Encoder and Decoder is a tool that is used to encode and decode the URLs in a special character. 


What is URL Encoder / Decoder?

The URL Encoder tool is used to convert a URL into a string without special characters. On the other hand, the Decoder tool is used to convert the encoded string into the original URL link.


URL Encoder / Decoder example.

If we Encode the URL "" then we will get the encoded result "". Again if we decode "" then we will get the original URL "" as a decoded result.


How to Use this URL Encoder / Decoder tool?

It is very easy to use our URL Encoder / Decoder tool. You have to just copy to type your URL in the above text box and hit the "Submit" button for the result. As result, you will get an Encoded URL and Decoded URL.


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