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About Privacy Policy Generator

The Privacy Policy Generator is a free tool that generates privacy policies for any website and web application. You can create all kinds of privacy policies for your company. Like, business, technology, travel, entertainment, media, sports, and lots.


What is Privacy Policy?

A Privacy Policy is a statement that specifies how a company or website collects, handles, and processes the data of its customers and visitors. They describe the status of the user's data or information whether it is kept confidential, or could be shared/sold to third parties.


Can you Get a Free Privacy Policy?

By using our Privacy Policy Generator tool, you can generate privacy policies for your business like websites and web apps. 


How can I Generate Privacy Policy?

It is very easy to generate a privacy policy using this tool. Just fill-up the above fields of company name, website name and website URL and hit the "Continue the next step" button and complete the next steps to get result.


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