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About Meta Tags Analyzer

A Meta Tag Analyzer is a tool that can be utilized to identify the meta tags of a website. By using Meta Tag Analyzer Tool, we can easily discover whether the meta tags like meta title, meta description, meta keyword, meta robot, and meta author are used properly or not.


What are Meta Tags?

There are lots of meta tags used on the website. Properly used meta tags are very important for a website that can play a major role in the search engine result page (SERP). Here is a very common meta tag described below. 

Meta Title: Meta Title in a website indicates a brief of a website that includes the main keyword of the content. Meta Title should not be too long, usually, 60 characters are good.

Meta Description: The meta description tag describe the content of the page in a short. Meta descriptions can usually be any length, but Google search generally truncates snippets to ~155-160 characters.

Meta Keyword: The meta keywords are an HTML tag option that is used to provide more information to search engines about the page. Here you can list the major keywords.

Meta Author: 

Meta Robot: The meta tag "robot" is used to notify the search engine about the page role. The <meta name="robots"> tag indicate that all search engines are allow and the the <meta name="googlebot"> tag is allow only Google bot. 


How to use the Meta Tag Analyzer Tool?

Anyone can use our Meta Tag Analyzer tool for free of cost. Just provide the desired website link in the above Text Box and hit the "Submit" button to get the result.


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