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Are you searching for a keyword density checker tool?  This keyword density checker tool will provide you with exactly how many times a keyword or phrase is appearing on a web page of your website.  The keyword density of a web page should not be too much.


What is a good keyword density?

What is true keyword density? While there are no difficult and quick policies for keyword density advice, many SEOs experts propose the usage of about 1-2 keywords for each and every one hundred phrases.


What is high keyword density?

If a keyword seems five times in one hundred paragraphs of content then the keyword density would be 5%. Too much high keyword density could be a factor of spam indicator of popular search engines.


How do I check keyword density?

You can check keyword density by using our free tool. You just type or paste your website URL in the above text box and click on the "Submit" button. In the result, you could the the keywords with the corresponding count with percentage numbers on the right side.


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