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About Domain Authority Checker

Domain Authority checker is a program to know the Moz domain authority score. It will provide the DA score according to your given domain name. Our DA checker tool is absolutely free of cost to use.


What Is Domain Authority (DA)?

The Domain Authority (DA) is an SEO concept of search engine ranking score which is developed by Moz. It refers to the strength of a given domain or website. It is a score of a maximum of 0 to 100 for a domain.


Who Has The Highest Domain Authority (DA)?

The highest Domain Authority (DA) websites are Google.com, Apple.com, YouTube.com with 100 DA scores, Blogger.com, microsoft.com, cloudflare.com has 99 DA score. You may check the top most popular websites DA score here: https://moz.com/top500


Why Is Domain Authority Important?

Domain Authority is one of the most important ranking factors which determines the place of your website on search engine result pages (SERPs). As it is a score of a maximum of 100, so high score is important for a domain or website to perform well.


How to Use Domain Authority Checker Tool?

You can use our Domain Authority tool to check the DA score of bulk domains. You could check up to 20 domains at once in the above text box which will return each Domain Authority score separately.


How Does Domain Authority affect On SEO?

As domain authority forecasts how likely a website is to rank on search engine result pages (SERPs), it is also an important factor for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A high DA rank website may perform better in search engines.


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