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About Domain Age Checker

Domain Age Checker is an online tool that helps to find the actual age of a given domain or website. It will calculate the domain age from the domain is registered to the present time. It will retrieve the data from the domain registrant and provide the result to you.


What Are Domain Age And its Importance?

Domain Age simply refers to the duration of a domain from it is registered. Simply telling, A domain age could be 20-years if it registered 20-years ago. Domain age is an important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) factor for your Google ranking as well as others search engines. Among the hundreds of factors that search engines consider in determining how a website performs in search engines.


How to Use Domain Age Checker Tool?

You can use our Domain Age Checker tool absolutely free of cost and easily know the given domain's age. 

To use, provide the domain name in the above text box and hit the "Get Domain Age" button. The result will provide as Domain Age, Domain created date, Domain update date, and Domain expiry date.


How Does Domain Age affect On SEO?

The domain age metric is one of the most useful data to get an overview of a website. A 20-year or 10-year aged domain or website means it has a lot of ranks which will affect SEO (Serch Engine Optimization). This type of website could get lots of backlink profiles.


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